Coffee Review: Dunkin Donuts Mocha Iced Coffee

When satisfying your coffee needs, it really is no easy feat to beat Dunkin Donuts. The coffee tastes good, they have many choices, and it is very affordable. You really cannot go wrong picking between hot or iced coffee as both provide multiple options and satisfying taste.

Still certain flavors rise above the others and the most consistent flavor is Mocha. What Dunkin likes to do is bring seasonal flavors in to blend with their iced coffee. Mocha, however, is a mainstay alongside French vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut. I find myself always crawling back to mocha when I do not go for the seasonal flavors and for good reason.


The best thing about the mocha iced coffee is it actually tastes like mocha. There are dozens of places that have mocha and come nowhere close. Dunkin Donuts provides a smooth mocha taste. It has that taste that is strong enough to notice the mocha is there, but it is nowhere near overbearing.

Personally, I find the drink better without cream and sugar (though being a fruit nut, I always get a flavor shot of blueberry). If you’re in the mood for sort of a sweeter coffee drink, then by all means get the cream and sugar. Personally, less is more for me. The drink is actually on the sweet side even without cream and sugar, something they do very well with all of their drinks.


One thing about Dunkin Donuts in general is that they are generally pretty affordable. Some coffee places make you empty your wallets just for one drink. While DD has drinks that are more expensive than others, they stay on the cheap side. 

A medium iced coffee hovers around $2.70. For iced coffee, that is pretty good. I’ve known places that are 3 or 4 dollars for iced coffee so Dunkin takes it pretty easy on your wallet. And try to catch them on specials if your a DD Perks member. I can’t tell you the amount of 99 cent iced coffees I’ve gotten this week because my local hockey team, the St. Louis Blues, were playing.


So with Dunkin for both hot and iced coffee, you can order original roast, dark roast, or the (dreaded) decaf version of a drink. After trying both, original roast is definitely the way to go here. While dark roast is not bad, original roast seems to blend better with the mocha. 


Well with the mocha iced coffee, I hope you consider this dessert; I know I certainly do. According to, a 16 oz cup is 180 calories with 50 calories from fat. A 24 oz cup is 260 calories with 80 calories from fat (these totals were calculated with cream). This is probably the biggest drawback of the mocha iced coffee because there are healthier options elsewhere. Granted you can make the healthier without cream and sugar, it can be on the unhealthier side of the coffee realm.


Even if it is unhealthy, it probably is one of my favorite drinks from Dunkin Donuts. It is a staple on the menu since the menu at Dunkin changes around with seasonal flavors. They will bring in new flavors and rotate flavors with different seasons, but the mocha flavor is always available.

For the price too, it is a quality drink. Dunkin Donuts does not try to gouge you or make you overpay. They charge a very reasonable amount for iced coffee. This definitely is a go-to drink for me when I need a coffee fix and I highly recommend it. 

No promotional consideration was given in exchange for this review. The views expressed in this review are those solely of my own.


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